Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Silverton to Salida on Colorado Trail - Trip report

Last summer I rode the CO Trail from Denver to Durango. One of my favorite sections of the trail was segments 22 & 23 from Spring Creek Pass (near Lake City) to Silverton.  I wanted to bikepack this section again. I was able to convince a supportive friend to drop me off in Silverton and I would ride to Salida going the other direction. There would be no resupply points along the way unless I took a 20 mile detour to Lake City which I really didn't want to do. I decided to do this trip the night before and didn't prepare as much as I could have. I left after work on a Thursday and was able to ride to Stony Pass above Silverton and then a few miles on the trail as it got dark. The next morning I woke to cloudless blue bird skies and started out for a long day on the bike. I was above tree line for most of the day and got quite sunburned on my neck and face. I also realized that I had very little food to make it all the way to Salida. Just after dark I set up camp and cooked dinner at Cebolla Creek on the La Garita Wilderness detour and immediately went to bed. I started the next day making my way along the long detour towards Cochetopa Pass. I had only several energy bars and one dinner left for two days of riding, so after looking at the CO trail databook I thought I found a short cut to Cochetopa pass. My plan was to trim a few miles off the trail and reconnect with it at the highway. When the county road led me to the highway I was on the eastern side of the pass far from where I wanted to be. I was quite exhausted, hungry and sunburned. Instead of backtracking to the trail I made a difficult decision to ride to Saguache for the night. I went out to dinner and got a motel room. The next day I road about 45 miles on the highway to Salida. I was a little upset with myself that I got lost and missed Sargents mesa and the long downhill from Marshall pass to Salida but it was still a very nice and challenging 4 day bicycle journey.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Another road trip to California with the new van

Las Vegas

After returning from India I spent a couple weeks in Boulder visiting family and shopping for a van. I finally settled on a 2010 Chevy Express extended cargo van and left for a road trip to California. I went back to Esalen for two workshops. First an advanced bodywork workshop with Tom Meyers and then for a Science & Nonduality conference. I found some great places to camp with the van and had a amazing time at Esalen as usual.
Now I am back in Ridgway and looking forward to building the camper conversion for the van this spring.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Enjoying Life in India, again

Upon returning to India after spending some time in Greece I kind of floated around and traveled without a fixed plan. I wanted to visit places that I had not been before. Here was where I went.